When the world turns upside down
When bad luck is all around
And the only thing you hear
Is the birds singing their song

If you’re all alone tonight
And the pain holds you so tight
But still the only thing you see
Is the stars shining so bright

When you think about the past
That it all went by so fast
But you choose to hold on
To the good memories that last

That’s when you really know
Happiness didn’t let you go


The truth inside

This place is haunted, I need you
I see so many faces, where are you?
The darkness makes me want to hide
There’s something I feel deep inside.

I see eyes watching me, I’m not alone
I hear whispering: you’re on your own.
These dead voices stay in my head
The things I’ve done, I really do regret.

What is this feeling deep inside of me?
Is it real, or am I just pretending to be.
I’m running from the shadows of my past
Hoping, in the end I won’t be the last

I need time to heal from this pain
It’s hard to brake free from these chains
My own words are talking to me
Telling me the truth thats hiding in me

The rain

As I realize the distance between You and I,
heaven starts to cry.

And thats where I awake,
from the first drop that fell down on this paper.

Its a note You left behind,
couldn’t believe what had gone through my mind.

I tried to resist reading it again,
but there I was, weak as I am.

Hearing the rain, everytime brings back the pain,
will it ever change?

Need You to stop the rain, and I will sing,
when knowing you’re in my arms again.