When the world turns upside down
When bad luck is all around
And the only thing you hear
Is the birds singing their song

If you’re all alone tonight
And the pain holds you so tight
But still the only thing you see
Is the stars shining so bright

When you think about the past
That it all went by so fast
But you choose to hold on
To the good memories that last

That’s when you really know
Happiness didn’t let you go



Take of that sadness from your face,
its time to look at the world in a diferent way.
There are too much sad people wasting their lives,
they have forgoten that the sun still rises.

Put the happiness on your face,
it opens many doors and shows you the way.
Take of your sunglasses, let the light shine through,
let everyone know, that they can believe in you.

Don’t waste your time in looking back,
you’re moving on, and life goes fast.
You never know where your path leads to,
just be prepared, and look around you.

Never take of that smile from your face,
it’s too nice, please don’t take it away.
Don’t cry, unless it’s a cry of laughter,
and you will see, you’ll live happily ever after.