Dream, Hope and Joy..

Take me to this place of so called Dreams,
I want to know if it’s more than it seems.
Tell me the secret you’ve been keeping,
need to be sure, that I’m not still sleeping.

Take me to this place of so called Hope,
I want to know if I can reach that rope.
Wait for me when I’m on the other side
Whatever you do, don’t close your eyes.

Take me to this place of so called Joy,
last time I was there I was a little boy.
Show me the way to make your day,
how to make all your troubles go away.


Is this goodbye?

Is this the part where we say goodbye,
shake hands and forget about all the lies?
Is this where most people fake a smile,
and for the rest of their lives hide whats inside?

Is this the part where I gently kiss you,
look deep into your eyes and say I’ll miss you?
Is this one of the times I dont care to lose a tear,
when I pretend that no one else is here?

Is there any way to skip this scene,
save the goodbye and just show you what I mean?
Where is the part where we hold hands and see
how beautiful life together can be.

Far away

So far away
but still so close.
I need to say
you are my hope.

I want to tell you
but not from here.
I wish to whisper
in your ear.

What you mean to me
its hard to say.
I need to show you
every day.

Happiness exists
so I realized.
I need your smile
to keep it alive.

I miss

I miss the times we havent had
I miss your smile, I need it so bad

I miss your skin and your embrace
I miss your lips I would one day taste

I miss the laughter we would have
I miss the moments, we would be glad

I miss the days we would spend together
I miss the love we would give eachother

I miss you in so many ways
I miss the happines I would give you always

The dark night

She wiped the last tear from her eyes,
the thoughts still running in her mind,
these images she can’t erase,
the past, she just can’t replace.

As she looks into the dark night,
praying to god “please help me fight!”
Will she ever see the sun rise again?
Will this dark night come to an end?

Running from the shadows of her past,
trying hard not to look back,
searching for a way to heal the pain
eventhough she thinks she’s already insane.

Falling into a deep black whole,
Crying to god “please free my soul!”
Still waiting to reach the end,
hoping, she will see the sun rise again.

Last goodbye

I feel your tear running down my back,
your in my arms I tell you “dont be sad”.
There is nothing we could have done,
there was only one chance, and its gone.

It has always been this way, sadly,
even though I wanted you so badly.
It’s not fair this way, and it’s just so wrong
that I wont be able to see you for so long.

My time should be spent only with you,
but I know life thinks different than we do.
And now the time has come to say goodbye
to that one person I wanted by my side.


Take of that sadness from your face,
its time to look at the world in a diferent way.
There are too much sad people wasting their lives,
they have forgoten that the sun still rises.

Put the happiness on your face,
it opens many doors and shows you the way.
Take of your sunglasses, let the light shine through,
let everyone know, that they can believe in you.

Don’t waste your time in looking back,
you’re moving on, and life goes fast.
You never know where your path leads to,
just be prepared, and look around you.

Never take of that smile from your face,
it’s too nice, please don’t take it away.
Don’t cry, unless it’s a cry of laughter,
and you will see, you’ll live happily ever after.