So, I still thought most people value friends nowadays,  reason why? Well, since everything is dying, love, peace, freedom, the one thing most people “could” keep alive is one of the most important things, friendship. But seems like the only thing growing is selfishness, pride and due to that, destruction. Who would think that people start destroying themselfs, its a sad joke, God must be confused, not knowing if to laugh or to cry, its so sad and funny at the same time. And it used to be better when there still was more hate, because there are actually some feelings, but now there’s just ignorance.

But this is actually a complicated topic, because there are diferent types of friendships, and diferent definitions. And now I realize i dont want to talk about this anymore, its worthless, there are way more better writings about this and if reading that doesnt help, either will this one. It just bothers me, specially knowing about 2 of my friends who really had bad experiences in that area again. Where “so called friends” just showed the true side about themselfs and it wasnt pretty so I heard.

Well, this is my first post, i dont know if anyone will read this, dont even know how this works haha, so i’m just trying this.



4 thoughts on “friends?

  1. I´ll make it short: God´s probably crying for people are letting themselves be controlled by EVIL. #enqd

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